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Remember those unique places that make you feel at peace? Walking in the woods, gazing at the ocean from the beach, feeling free and alive standing at the top of a mountain? 

Would you love to be taken there instantaneously and without effort? 

What if you could disconnect from the hustle and bustle of daily life and treat yourself to a real break, on-demand, while you experience the world's most beautiful locations? This is what Sentient.Me has to offer.

Like many, your mind may feel cluttered by the stress of daily life. You may suffer from anxiety, insomnia or you may feel isolated. Maybe you're recovering from illness or you don't have the energy or capacity to enjoy the outdoors.

One of our founders noticed the incredible potential of virtual reality and thought: What if we could unleash the power of this new technology to enhance the well-being of humankind?

Sentient.Me's purpose is just that. It is designed to induce a well-being state based on the power of cinematic storytelling in natural settings. The content is carefully captured around the world, and the effects on well-being are dilligently measured in collaboration with a community of researchers.

Reconnect with yourself by experiencing the world's most beautiful locations and feel inspired by captivating immersive stories, on-demand.

Welcome to Sentient.Me.

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